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With highly evolved design sensibilities, a natural inclination towards minimalism and an understanding that form always follows function, we strive to keep our design simple and elegant.

For us design is all about giving shape to experiences elevating them and making them contemporary yet timeless. We believe that spaces need to engage our sensual side, touch and emotions, and ofcourse address the need for which they are being created while simultaneously adding joy to our lives.


While communicating a connecting between the interior and exterior, the elevation design establishes the kind of structure you are going to except. Our skilled team designs captivating elevations full of character that speak about your personality.


Each turnkey project involves coordination between a number of agencies and as the size and scope of work increases so does the complexity with increasing affluence and exposure. 

Most of the high-end projects have become so demanding that they leave even the initials frustrated now more than ever. One needs a professional team for ensuring that the projects meets the deadlines, does not exceed the budget or compromise on the design and quality.
We take immense pride in our ability to deliver exactly, that’s due to our discipline, skilled and responsible team members.


We thrive in a challenging environment and though most of our compatriots would take lack of transparency, slipping time frames and rising budgets as given. We most certainly don’t our entire organization across divisions is geared to manage your projects in on-time and within-budget delivery.

Our process includes design-quality management, reviews and consultant coordination, budget management, daily and weekly reporting, task scheduling, and boq(bill of quantity) verification at regular intervals. Project delivery always on time and within budget.


Our handpicked decor pieces are essential part of the larger design story that helps us personalize a space and is what makes a house into a home. Arcane design intends to literally transform the lives of its patrons by providing a space that is wondrous, comfortable yet practical with the only constant being luxury and elegance.


Home – We know it’s a personal luxury story. We weave your story into the fabric of space by creating a collaborative environment with service as its core principle, whether its a luxury apartment, a villa or a sprawling farmhouse, we create ideas and solutions that helps overcome the constraints of physical space and deliver thoughtful and inspiring space.
For us design is all about giving shape to experiences, elevating them and making them contemporary yet timeless. We believe that spaces need to engage our sensual side, touch our emotions and ofcourse address the need for which they are being created while simultaneously adding joy to our material and immaterial lives.


We consider details more important than broad strokes and that’s why to conclude your property to a picture-perfect look complete in all respects. We offer you the “day of decor” service once the site is fully dust and snag free. The design and decor items will arrive accompanied by an entire array of support staff like electrician, carpenters, housekeeping team and other general helpers.
We shall style your property from furnishing, lights and accessories to fragrance, music and even staff uniforms, for a picture-perfect look and a champagne-ready handover.


As a design company, we do prefer to have the flexibility to source from all vendors across the globe and do not want to be tied to a particular vendor.
The process is entirely project driven and of vendor is made keeping in mind the project requirement and available budget. Cores of others from across the globe is made primarily based on what style best enhances the
overall look and feel of the project. It helps that we have logistics capability in house, so to choose and bring various items across borders does not pose a challenge. However, sometimes it becomes imperative to mix and match and to customize some or all the pieces. It is primarily for this that we offer our own selection of both furniture and lights. The furniture can be made in our production as well as can be imported from various vendors and stocked in house along with lights.

A brief selection can be displayed and we request you to get in touch with us for the latest availability. Sometimes other forms of communication may fail to allow us to express ourselves completely. And this is when we turn to arts. We have a collection of paintings and appreciate work of some budding talent in the country.


To best address the diverse requirements of multiple projects that are ongoing at any given time procurement from all over the globe is now a necessity. Our regular imports include high-end furnitures, lights, wallpapers and accessories. Though the furniture is designed and manufactured by the in house production facilities. 

Most of the imports are however projects specific, our clients gain from our vast experience in selection of the items and also enjoy the best rates that our preferential standing with most of the high end factories guarantees.

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